Choosing A Cattery With Confidence

Signs of a good cat boarding facility

If you are planning an overnight trip or a long holiday trip, you want to be sure that your cat will be well taken care of. To find the best cat boarding, you need to take a visit to a cat boarding facility rather than view pictures online and decide. When you visit a cat boarding facility you can tell that it is good if;

It has good playing areas

Cats love to play and with you gone your cat will miss you. If there are good playing facilities, your absence might be a little more bearable for your feline friend. A facility that has space and the toys for your cat to play with while you are away will be really helpful.

It is clean and organised

Take a good look at the kernels, observe how neat they are. It is wise to inquire about how often the kernels are cleaned and the litter taken out in a day. The place should be neatly planned to provide the best atmosphere for your cat. Also, if there is an unpleasant smell in the air or the cat boarding has more than its fair share of flies, you better bolt out and look for another one.

It has trained staff

The staff at the cattery should be certified pet sitters. In addition to that, observe how they interact with other cats and if they show a genuine love for them. Leaving your pet with someone who does not really care can be a problem as the pet will be stressed more during your absence.

It is comfortable

The bed your cat will spend a lot of its time in should be comfortable. If the cat boarding has additional comforts like classical music, then you can be assured that it will not have a lot of stress. Also, enquire about where they walk the cats if the place is not immediately evident to you.

It has good food and medication facilities

One thing that surely matters is how your cat will be fed; how often in a day and what's on the menu? If your cat is on medication, find out if they have experience administering it and what special arrangements they might have if your cat has some special feeding needs. Your first instinct about the facility is also something you don't want to ignore entirely. Remember that before you are allowed to bring your cat, it must have been vaccinated with all current vaccinations. A good cat boarding might often be full, it helps to book for your cat beforehand.