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Strange Behaviours to Expect in Your Cat When Boarding

As a pet owner, going away on holiday can have a little more stress than it would otherwise. While you're not around, it can be a worry, as you'll want to be confident that your furry companion is safe and being looked after well.

With cats, these worries are often worse, since they're such particular and sometimes completely incomprehensible creatures. If you're going on holiday and putting your cat into boarding for the first time, you'd be forgiven for worrying about it. To make things worse, cats' behaviour can make it seem like they're highly stressed when they're not. Here are some of the common odd behaviours cats exhibit when they're boarded, so you don't need to worry about them.

They know something is up

Cats are often more perceptive than people give them credit for, and if you're stressed and rushing to get ready for your trip, they're likely to pick up on it. Add to that unfamiliar activities like packing, being around at unusual times and changing the cat's routine, and you have a recipe for some strange behaviour.

Try to keep things as normal as possible and maintain calmness around your cat. Also, be careful to stop them running away, as they sometimes disappear when things are different.

They might become aggressive

When you arrive at the cat boarding centre, the sight and smell of all the other guests might overwhelm your cat. This can make them seem aggressive, hissing and growling, which is startling if they're normally calm.

As shocking as it seems, however, this behaviour usually goes away quite quickly, once they settle in and realise they're not under threat.

They go off their food

Leading up to and during their stay, a cat's appetite might disappear. If they can't be tempted with treats on the way and don't want food upon arrival, you might be worried they won't eat while you're away. Don't be – the stress will pass and they'll be eating as normal in no time.

They ignore you when you're home

Your cat might feel a bit upset with you at first, not engaging as they do normally. It isn't a sign of anything serious, though, and they'll get over it after a little while.

They obsessively check the house

Cats are creatures of habit and, as such, they like to know their surroundings well. When they've been away for a while, it's normal for them to spend a long time exploring, sniffing and checking over the house. Sometimes, this can go on for quite a while, but they'll settle down once they're satisfied.

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