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Why Horse Cremation May Be Better Than Composting

It is often hard for horse owners to decide which would be the best way to dispose of their dead animals due to the limited information on the subject. Such horse owners may, therefore, select the option that is available to them without making a comparison with other alternatives. Below are some of the reasons why you should opt for horse cremation instead of equine composting.

Less time consuming

Composting a horse can take a lot of time, such as more than six months. This is because the flesh of the animal will decompose slowly. This time requirement can extend the period that you may take mourning your animal because the compost pile will be a constant reminder of your loss. Horse cremation is a better option because it takes less time than composting. It is even possible for you to receive the ashes of your dead horse within a few days after you deliver the carcass to the cremation facility. This expedited disposal allows you to move on quickly.

Less labour intensive

Composting a dead horse is a labour-intensive process. For instance, you have to gather large amounts of different materials, such as straw or sawdust. You also have to monitor the temperature of the compost pile on a weekly basis for about a year to be sure that the carcass is decomposing as expected. Additionally, you have to turn the pile after several months to ensure that decomposition is taking place uniformly. This effort would have been devoted to other activities if you had opted for cremation. All you have to do is to deliver the animal carcass to the cremation facility and then wait for the ashes once the process has been completed.

Less concern with regulations

Opting to have your horse composted requires you to know and adhere to numerous regulations. For example, you must know the minimum distance that your composting site should be from any water sources. You are also expected to adhere to the regulations governing how to prevent your neighbours or passersby from being distressed by the compost pile. Why would you go through all this trouble after losing your beloved horse? Just deliver it to a crematorium and let them deal with all the regulatory issues affecting their work.

Based on these factors, horse cremation has numerous advantages over composting. However, other options, such as rendering and burial also exist. It is therefore advisable for you to consult an expert so that they can help you to select the best option.